Laser Beard Shaping

What is laser beard shaping about?

We do have all types of lasers with the latest and best machines and we choose the laser which will be suitable for patient skin types.

It is a permanent solution?

Some people get permanent removal and some get permanent reduction, it depends on the body or hair response.


General or Local with sedation.

Recovery Time?

Back to work in 5 to 10 days. Strenuous activity in three weeks.

Longevity of Results?

Approximately 5-10 years, but may be affected by lifestyle factors and heredity.


Our clinic offers the latest laser technology to perform Blepharoplasty. As laser surgery is virtually bloodless, recovery from the procedure is very quick. If the skin of your upper eyelid sags and blocks your field of vision, the surgery can actually improve your field of vision.

Before and After