Carboxy Therapy

What is Carboxy Therapy?

It is a unique procedure, which is an injection of CO2 gas below the scalp with the help of a mesotherapy needle. The treatment is virtually painless and quick. There is no downtime with this procedure.

How does the Carboxy Therapy work?

It is used for the treatment of hair re-growth or hair loss. It improves circulation in the injection site by forcing red blood cells to release oxygen and pick up CO2 to be eliminated by the body. The infection allows for the increased nourishment of vitamins and nutrients to the scalp for increased hair growth and stabilization of hair loss. It is a great natural hair loss treatment and works in a very good combination with injected mesotherapy for hair loss.

How many treatments are necessary?

Normally a series of treatments are required, depending on the severiry of the conditions. It is essential for the patients to be regular with the treatments to reap the benefits.

What results can be expected?

Patients usually notice a stabilization of hair loss after 3 months and increase in growth of vellus hair and thinning hair at 6 months.

before and after

before and after