Collagenizing Treatment

What is Collagenizing Treatment?

Collagenizing effect is U.S FDA cleared as an alternative of injection to treat wrinkles on the entire face. You can treat your forehead. Crow’s feet, Cheeks, Nasal labial folds, Jawline and even your lips. 

Collagenizing is a method based on biophysical rather that mechanical or chemical principles, that delivers low and heavy weight molecular substrates deep into the skin, where they are needed, without needles and the consequential discomfort. 

The painless non-invasive Collagenizing procedure instantly rejuvenates the skin to make it look youthful, soft lifted and vibrant with zero downtime. 

There are only two methods to deliver macro molecules to the dermis: Injection using needles or Collagenizing. 

What expected results does the Collagenizing achieve?

The Collagenizing Neo delivers a soft-skin rejuvenation method that: 

  • Fills in expression lines & reduces and prevents the wrinkles.
  • Improves the skin elasticity and firmness of the facial contours.
  • Clears-up the skin’s tone (Lightening). Reduces and prevents Age-brown spots (Whitening & Melanin index).
  • Tightens the pores of the skin and eliminates the dead cells.
  • Controls the epidermis excess sebum and mattifies the complexion.

Crow’s Feet

Forehead & Crow’s Feet