Hair Bleaching & Hair Removal

How do we treat?

The fine hair that need to be removed are exposed to the laser device. The laser device emits the laser light that targets the fine and other hair. Thus, the hair changes the color and becomes invisible. The Q-Switch Nd. Yag. The laser turns black downy and wispy hair into golden color.

Number of sessions?

1 session.


Depends on the areas.

Pain Level?

No pain.


Disguise’s fine hair.

It is permanent?

It is permanent, but the new growth will be of your original hair color.


Bleaching hair is a quick and easy way to make those unwanted facial hair less noticeable. Bleach disguises dark hairs, transforming them into a blonde or golden color; making the hair harder to see. This can be useful on an area that has thin but dark hair like the face or neck. It is widely used for temporary hair reduction of fine hair since it delays hair growth which usually lasts 1-3 months, better option than waxing and shaving which causes rough skin and ingrown hair. It rejuvenates the skin.

Before and After

Before and After