Laser Resurfacing

Fractional Laser Resurfacing is a revolutionary procedure used to reduce wrinkles to eliminate telltale signs of aging and to improve overall appearance of the face, jaw, and other treated areas. 

Duration of Eyelid Surgery?

45 mins to 1 hour. 


General or Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time?

Return to work in 4-5 days. Strenuous activity after three weeks.

Longevity of Results?

3 to 5 year.


Fractional CO2 laser is also very effective in treating scars from serious burns. It is often an excellent adjunct to other surgical procedures like facelift. Eyelid Laser Surgery (Laser Blepharoplasty) has made the procedure virtually bloodless and recovery much faster.

Who is a good candidate for Laser Resurfacing?

If you have fine lines or wrinkles around your eyes or mouth or on your forehead, shallow scars from acne, or non-responsive skin after a face lift, then you may be a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing.

If you have acne or if you have very dark skin, you may not be a candidate. This technique is also not recommended for stretch marks. You should discuss whether laser resurfacing is right for you by consulting with the doctor before having the procedure done.

Before and After

Before and After