Laser for Melasma Pigmentation

How do we treat?

The treatment is a non-invasive procedure that uses beams of light as high-energy pulse to disintegrate melanin deposits. The revlite laser is applied to remove any kind of scar or discoloration like acne spots, sun tans, age spots, liver marks, sun freckles or even melasma. Further, the laser promotes collagen growth underneath the skin. This results in firmer and younger looking skin.

Number of sessions?

3-10 depending on the severity.

Duration of the treatment?

30 minutes.

Pain Level?

No Pain. It doesn’t hurt! The treatment feels just like a mild sting on the skin. An initial redness is noticed but it disappears within a few hour’s time. In rare cases, it might take longer for the redness to recede. There are provisions for local anesthesia but the discomfort is so minimal that patients decide to opt out of it.


Freckles, pigmentation, sun damage, Melasma.

Is it permanent?

You need to be on maintenance treatment to maintain the results.

Benefits of melasma?

The laser used in the Revlite Treatment system improves overall skin texture by constricting enlarged pores, promoting collagen formation and dissolving deposited pigment.

Before and After

Before and After