Stem Cells Treatment

What is stem cells and how does it help?

A “STEM CELL” is any cell within your body that can not only replicate (multiply) but also turn itself into different types of cell. SVF, or stromal vascular fraction is a combination of stem cells as well as growth factors that help in repair. The stem cells recovered could be used right away, while making the procedure more convenient for the patient, this also ensures that the cells have no chance of rejection because the cells are purely the product of the patients own body. 

What to expect?

First the doctor may administer an anesthetic and then make a small injection in an area of the body with fatty tissue such as buttock or stomach. Next, the stromal vascular fraction is separated from the fat cells, and additional tissue component via configuration. The stem cells from the SVF are then isolated using multi fitration protocols. Finally, the stem cell solution is deployed to the patient.

Undergoing treatment reserves patience and commitment to obtain the maximum effect of stem cells action. Results will vary depending on the type of treatment from seeing immediate results after filling the fine and deep wrinkles to up to few months and throughout the year for scars and hair loss treatment. The number of treatments to be done will vary on the condition or extend of your problem.