White Hair Removal (Male & Female)

No one likes dealing with it on a regular basis. The problem gets worse when your facial hair starts turning white as it become more noticeable. Just become your facial hair turned white doesn’t mean that you can’t help. We here at Bloom have invested in this latest technology which is called thermolysis.

In Females, Shifting hormones, ageing and even genetics could be behind excessive hair growth on the upper lip and chin. When woman have hormonal fluctuations with higher testosterone levels, the side effect is unwanted hair growth. This leaves woman with low self-confidence.

Thermolysis Treatment is:

  • 100% Effective

  • 100% Comfortable

  • 100% Painless

Thermolysis permanently removes hair

  • All areas of the face and body

  • All types of hair

  • All the colors

  • All Thicknesses

  • All forms

  • All Years